Our Wedding Photos

May 1, 1954

That is the day we were married at Holy Family Catholic church in Glendale, California.  We had two receptions.  Darlene’s mother hosted an afternoon lunch-with-punch reception at her home for our older, and more staid Methodist guests, and I added an evening dinner-with-full-bar and dancing reception at the Glendale Hotel for our rowdy Catholic guests.

Compared with the expensive extravaganzas that are popular today, one might say that we were married on a shoestring.  Darlene made her own wedding dress, complete with train.  In fact, on the morning we were married, she was still putting the final stitches to the dress.  And rather than a limo, we traveled from church to reception in my 1951 Merc.  But we did have a live band at the evening reception; none of that DJ stuff.

John’s mother, god-mother, and Aunt Mary traveled from Syracuse, NY to attend the wedding.

Darlene said that she wanted to have lots of pictures of her wedding, since she intended to get married only once.  Therefore the wedding photos are shown in 3 groups on this website.  Click on one of the images below to view a slideshow of that group.