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The most interesting restaurants in Italy are not in the cities, but rather in small villages and in the countryside.

Two such restaurants, not far from the villa, and on the road to Bologna, are the Ristorante "44ยบ Parallel" and the Ristorante "La Cugna".

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Located off the "beaten path", these restaurants seldom (if ever) receive American clients.  So it was not suprising that we were treated like royalty.  The menu was authentic Italian, the quality of the food was excellent, and the cost much more reasonable than at the "tourist traps" in the big cities.
When we left, the owners (of both restaurants) presented each couple with a gift bottle of wine.

At "Spanish Night" at La Cugna (which included "all-you-can-drink Sangria), some of our party joined in the after dinner entertainment (too mich Sangria, ya think?).