The historic city of Avignon is located in the Rhone River valley and also in one of France's renowned wine districts.  There are many wineries and tasting rooms in the countryside around Avignon.

Avignon is also famous for being the site of the Papal palace at a time in history when there were two competing Popes the other Papal palace being, of course, located in Rome.

The "old" city is enclosed by walls, but commerce flourishes equally within or outside the walls.

We were looking forward to enjoying a traditional French country dinner, but on the day of our visit the only restaurants we could find that were open were those that catered to the tourist crowd.  Such restaurants as the chain, Buffal Bill's that featured American style barbeque.  So we settled for a 50's style art deco bistro, loaded with neon lights and juke boxes.  I don't remember what we ordered, but it certainly was a letdown.

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